Flight Delay Compensation

For flight delays of more than 3 hours, you may have the right to compensation between 250€ to 600€ under EU 261 rule.

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Am I eligible for compensation for a delayed flight?

You are eligible for compensation when the flight delays for more than 3 hours. You must have departed from EU airport, or landed at an EU airport with EU-registered airline. And the reason shouldn’t be due to extraordinary circumstances.

How far can I go back to claim for flight delays?

In the UK (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland), you can claim for flights’ delayed back up to 6 years. Whereas, in Scotland, you can go back up to 5 years.

What should you do when your flight was delayed?

  • ☛ Ask the airline for the reason behind it.
  • ☛ Get confirmation in writing from the airlines’ customer service.
  • ☛ Note the flights’ arriving time (i.e., when the aircraft door was opened).
  • ☛ Collect additional evidence (e.g. photos of arrival board, boarding pass, receipts, etc.).
  • ☛ Exchange contact information of co-passengers (which can act as evidence while asking for compensation).
  • ☛ Use our compensation checker tool and check if you are eligible for compensation.
  • ☛ Assign us your case for a hassle-free claim (we work on a “No Win – No Fee” basis).
  • ☛ Or, contact the airline if you are confident to receive the money on your own.

Can you claim compensation for flight delays?

These are the following conditions when you can ask for compensation under the EU law EC 261:

  1. Your flight should have been delayed for more than 3 hours on arrivals.
  2. You must have departed from the airport in the EU (European Union), or arrived at the airport in the EU with EU-regulated airline.
  3. It shouldn’t be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, which are beyond the control of the airlines.

Note: Even after Brexit, the EU law is still applicable in the UK, until it completely leaves the EU. We will keep you updated on it.

EC 261 rule is even valid for Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland, although these countries are outside of the European Union.

Are you eligible? Find it just in 3 steps

Can you claim for delays outside of EU?

The answer is a big YES.

It doesn’t matter if you have citizenship of any country.

EU law is valid for all the passengers departed from the airport in the EU or arrived in the EU with EU airline.

And we add more benefit to such passengers. No VAT is applicable when you enforce your rights through ClaimFlights.

To summarise:

Origin and Destination EU-regulated airline Non-EU regulated airline
From inside of EU to inside of EU ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
From inside of EU to outside of EU ✅ Yes ✅ Yes
From outside of EU to inside of EU ✅ Yes ❌ No
From outside of EU to outside of EU ❌ No ❌ No


  1. EU to non-EU: British Airways flight from London (LHR) to Los Angeles (LAX) if arrived later than 3 hours, makes you eligible to ask for a reimbursement.
  2. Within EU: EasyJet airline will be liable to reimburse you for a delay between Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Malaga (AGP) if you reached the destination later than 3 hours.
  3. Outside of EU: Passengers CANNOT claim for lateness with Ryanair, if travelling from Tel Aviv Yafo (TLV) to Agadir (AGA), as both the airports are outside the EU.

How much can I claim for a delayed flight?

The amount depends on the distance of your flight and length of the delay. It is between 250 Euros to 600 Euros.

The table below shows the amount of compensation that you can claim under the EU Regulation 261/2004:

Arrival Delay Route Distance Claimable Amount
Up to 2 hours 59 minutes Any distance None
3 hours or more less than or equal to 1,500 km 250 Euros
3 hours or more more than 1,500 km within the EU 400 Euros
4 hours or more * more than or equal to 3,500 km, when EU borders were crossed 600 Euros

* When EU borders were not crossed the amount may get reduced by 50%, i.e., you can get up to 300€.

How much you can recieve?

Note: The calculation of the delay takes place from the so-called “WOG (Wheel off Ground)” to the aircraft door opening (from lift-off to when the airline crew opens the door after landing).

The airlines may try to interpret this scheme in their favour.

Your rights under EC Regulation 261/2004

According to EC 261 rule, passengers are entitled to financial compensation of up to 600€ for delayed flights of more than 3 hours, cancelled flights without prior notice, and denied boarding due to overbooking.

Airlines are not liable to compensate for the inconvenience caused due to exceptional circumstances (like the strike, bad weather, or an Act of God). Which seems to be fair.

There are different kinds of delays. There are short ones that cause some frustration. Then there are long ones that cause agitation. The law tries to treat passengers according to the length of the delay.

If the delay is of more than 2 hours, airlines should provide free meals, refreshments, two phone calls and access to emails or fax.

Hotel accommodation and transport facility (between airport and hotel) should be the airline’s responsibility for an overnight delay.

If the airlines do not provide these services, ask them. It’s your right, as long as you have a valid ticket.

Hotel, travel, and meals are not cheap. Under EU law, the airlines should pay for these, not you.

Here is how this works. The airline should give you vouchers for food, hotel, etc. If they don’t, go ahead and ask someone who works for the airline.

If they still don’t help you, get creative. Pay the bills but keep the receipts. Then show these when filing the claim. But be reasonable with expenses.

It is worth mentioning, Airlines are not obligated to pay for fancy things. If you handover receipts for alcohol, luxury hotels or expensive meals, you won’t get back any money.

Here is excellent news. Even for adverse weather conditions if the other airlines were operational, you still may have the right to these services. Now you know why it pays to know your rights.

European air passengers also have travel rights under the Montreal Convention and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Related Questions

Should I accept vouchers from the airline instead of compensation?

The answer is a big ‘NO’. You usually have only a few months to use the voucher before expiration. In the end, accepting compensation rather than the voucher gives you more flexibility. You are free to use the reimbursed money as you wish. The bottom line is, the only voucher you should accept from the airline is a meal voucher.

Do infants can get compensation for a delayed flight?

When you are flying with a baby or kid, if you paid a partial ticket cost, it is possible for your kid too, deserve compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. Whereas, if you hadn’t paid for the ticket, i.e., infants flying free of charge fall outside the scope of the Regulation and they wouldn’t be entitled to compensation.

What to do if your airline delays?

When the delay exceeds 3 hours, you can request money back up to 600 Euros.

It’s even valid for connecting flights if booked under the same leg.

If you miss your connecting flight due to a delay or cancellation, you may ask for a return ticket and refund for the part of the journey not covered.

Whereas, if you reached your final destination later than three hours, you are entitled to compensation.

Before filing the claim, make sure that the airline cannot prove it was due to extraordinary circumstances.

Look at it this way; it is you versus the airline. They would prefer not to compensate you. But their delay messed up your plans.

So, think of it as building a court case. They need to be ‘found guilty’. Ok, enough of court language.

You get the point. The airline will reject the claim in extraordinary circumstances. So, make sure that the air carrier was responsible. In most cases, it is not that difficult to establish.

Plane delayed for more than 5 hours

For delays of more than 5 hours, in addition to free meals, drinks, two phone calls and access to emails, you should be re-routed to the earliest available flight.

And in case you are not willing to travel, you can ask for a refund of the ticket cost.

Whereas, if you travelled and reached the destination later than 3 hours, you are eligible for compensation.

We just mentioned that airlines are reluctant to return your money. So, you need to be a little clever to get it.

And there are some easy ways to do that. Have confirmation of the delay in writing. If possible, collect evidence for your claim.

Do airlines have to compensate for delays on package holidays?

European Union Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 provides protection for tour packages, travel packages, vacation packages, and holiday packages.

Your travel destination can be anywhere in the world. But the package must be purchased within the EU countries.

Your travel itinerary should clearly state the original and final destinations, route and transport facility.

Before the trip, the tour operator should inform you about the time, the location of any stopovers and flight connections.

The tour operator is responsible solely for any breach of the terms and conditions. Airlines might amend the price if they have mentioned it in their terms.

The tour organiser shall file the claim on passenger’s behalf. Your tour operator should ask for reimbursement, and you should get the full refund of ticket cost within 7 days.

Repayment can be in cash, check or electronic bank transfer.

Another form of reimbursement would be to re-route you to your final destination. The airline should arrange the earliest available flight for you. Alternatively, you can choose as per your convenience, or according to your travel plans.

Business Traveler’s Rights

Recent European court ruling confirms that only the passenger who travelled can ask for reimbursement, not the one who paid for the ticket.

Counting business trips under working hours will affect your compensation. Reimbursement for flight disruptions during working hours mostly goes to the employer. And during private and unpaid hours it goes to the passenger.

Can you claim for delays due to Extraordinary Circumstances?

Extraordinary circumstances are the conditions – beyond the control of airlines – that can cause disruption, despite taking reasonable preventive measures.

Some examples of exceptional circumstances are:

  1. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, extremely bad weather, Tsunami, etc.
  2. Crew member’s strike causing all the airplanes with other airlines to fly late.
  3. Unseen technical problems, like a bird hitting the plane engine.
  4. The destined country is into political unrest.

Extraordinary circumstances’ are considered ‘Acts of God’, which absolve the airlines from paying monetary compensation. However, you may still claim if other airlines were able to operate under the same conditions.

Strike Acts Of God Technical Problem
Extraordinary Circumstances (you cannot claim). A strike is considered as an exceptional circumstance which cannot be avoided and thus you cannot ask for a reimbursement. Volcanic eruption, Tsunami, Hurricane and Hailstones are ‘Acts of God ‘; so you are not eligible under such circumstances. Fall under exceptional circumstances if the airline could not have avoided the technical problem.
Not an Extraordinary Circumstance (you can claim). You may receive compensation if the delay or cancellation was avoidable and other airlines were able to fly during the strike. You are eligible to claim if the airline could have prevented it, for example, by cleaning the runway correctly. It is not an exceptional circumstance if it was preventable. For example, by catching birds on the runway, or keeping spare parts.

How to claim compensation?

With ClaimFlights, it’s very simple.

Enter flight information, i.e. flight number and date of travel, into our free compensation calculator. Then, enter the reason behind your flight problem in our online compensation checker tool.

Within 2 minutes you will find the amount that you can demand from the airline.

Delayed Flight Compensation Calculator

We offer free of charge “compensation checker tool”. In just 2 minutes, you can find the amount that you can request. And, it even doesn’t ask any personal information.

Just open our compensation calculator and find out how much does the airline owe you. You can do this in a couple of minutes. It is easy to use and quite handy.

Knowing that you may get money for the inconveniece occurred will ease your frustration. At least a little.

Why choose “ClaimFlights”?

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Flight Delayed Or Cancelled?

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