Can you bring snacks on a plane?

Aug 10, 2019

Flight journeys could be a bit hectic if you’re unable to eat during your preferable meal time. While flying, it’s best to have your own choice of snack, rather than feel sick by eating tasteless airplane snacks.

Not everyone is fond of food served in the flight. If wondering you can take snacks on a plane, then don’t.

Traveling with your own snacks is permitted. You’re also allowed to have it during the flight. Snacks can be packed in carry-on and checked bags.

Make sure you pack spreads (like hummus, etc), sauces, salad dressing and any snack in liquid form under 3.4 ounces for carry-on bags. You can pack in excess of 3.4 ounces for checked luggage.

Now, let’s have a look at the various kinds of snacks you can have on a plane

TSA approved snacks you cake take on a plane

Other than food in liquid or gels, variety of snacks are allowed on the plane. Pack snacks which come under the solid food items category.

Here you find the food items permitted on the plane by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Ensure that you organize snacks properly in your bags. It would easily bypass the screening process at the security checkpoint. So to smoothen things up, here’s the list of snacks approved under TSA snacks guidelines.

Vegetarian Snacks

1. Healthy Snacks

Snacks are not always meant for junk food. It can also be a healthy option. If planning to pack something healthy, you can opt for kale chips, okra chips and chickpea snacks.

2. Cheese & Crackers
This snacks qualifies as a must eat food item. So don’t forget to pack cheese (prefer solid form and not cream) and a packet of crackers (any flavor will do).

String cheese is a good option for solid cheese.

3. Hummus
It’s a healthy option for cheese dips.

It tastes best with salted or peppered crackers. The sweet and spicy taste in mouth is enjoyable, more than the movie you watch. Interestingly, hummus are also available in gluten-free form and can be accessible in online market or local grocery stores near you.

Remember, you need to pack it under 3.4 ounces for hand luggage.

4. Fresh fruits

Eating fruits for a snack might sound unusual. But carrying few fruits with you would be beneficial.

You can pack the fruits in a container or stow them in ziplock plastic bag. The fruits would stay fresh within it.

5. Vegetables
Having vegetables is an ultimate option. Veggies might be raw but it can be crunchy as well.

Vegetables like celery, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, broccoli, and zucchini taste crunchy and are good for a munching experience.

6. Sandwich
Apart from junk food and snacks, you can also bring a light sandwich for your meal. For people who are sandwich lover, you can pack grilled cheese sandwich, jam and peanut butter sandwich for your enjoyment.

Almond butter can also be an alternate option for peanut butter. Adding a veggie to your sandwich would enhance the taste as well as provide nutritional value to your sandwich. Veggies like cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini will taste great with your cheese sandwich.

Remember, you need to place the sandwich in a container or plastic wrap to avoid any leak.

Non-Vegetarian Snacks

1. Jerky food item

Some people feel hungry too often while flying. They require a snack with a high level of protein and vitamin. A bite of jerky would be enough for their appetite. You may have beef jerky, turkey jerky.

2. Chicken Sandwich

For non-vegetarian lovers, chicken sandwich is the best light meal one can have. Adding few veggies like tomatoes, cucumber will add a great taste to your meat.

Don’t forget to pack your sandwich in a sealed container or in a clear plastic ziplock bag.

Other Snack Items

1. Dried fruits

The alternative option for fruits is dried fruits. Dried fruits are available collectively in a packet which includes fruits like orange, apple.

It is also available in a separate pack with fruits like dried coconut strips, dried jackfruit slices.

2. Light Breakfast

You can opt for a lighter version of breakfast. Food items like french crepes, granola bars and protein bars fall under the category of light breakfast.

Other snack bars with nuts and dry fruits can also be included in this category.

3. Sweets

You can also take sweets for snacks.

Chocolate candies like M&M, Skittles and cookies like butter cookies and chocolate cookies are also a good munching snack if fan of a sweet tooth.

You can opt for dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate, if you’re health-conscious and worried about calories.

4. Pretzels

Chips could crumble while the bag is been moved here and there. Pretzels can be a better option than crumbs of potato chips.

5. Trail Mix

This is a perfect option for travel snacks, as it contains all fruit, nuts, dry fruits, candy, chocolate, in one packet. These packets are also available in different flavors.

Some of the brands which sell trail mix also provide you the option of customizing your own mix packet.

Bringing food on the plane

There are some advisable regulations one must follow when carrying any snacks on the plane.

Some of them are:

You must avoid carrying food that spills, smells or can easily be soggy. The food will not only spoil your health but also be unhygienic.

There might be passengers having allergies from nuts. If possible, avoid carrying food with nuts in it.
Even though the list of snacks are approved under the TSA rule, it’s up to the TSA agents and might be subject to additional screening process at the airport security checkpoints.

Tips for packing snacks

It is important to know how to pack a snack. Try packing the extra snacks in the checked baggage for easy screening process.

All snacks must be packed in plastic containers. Any size of the container is permitted. You can opt for Typerware or any other container you use on a daily basis. You can also pack them in a clear plastic ziplock bag for smooth packing.

Try using plastic spoons and forks, especially the reusable ones. Along with these guidelines, try choosing a good movie or show to watch. It will make your snack time even more enjoyable. Hope, this article saved your research time on ‘What snacks to bring on a plane’ and helped you with tips for packing them in your bags.

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