Charles de Gaulle Flight Delays or Cancelations

If your Charles de Gaulle flight was delayed or canceled, you may have the right to compensation under European Regulation EC 261.

You may claim up to 600€ ($700) from the airlines.

Claim Compensation for Delayed Air France Flights at Charles de Gaulle Airport

Charles de Gaulle airport is the largest airport in France and stands amongst important airports of the world. It is the second busiest airport of Europe after London Heathrow airport. It has a whopping capacity to handle more than 63 million air passengers and over 5 million aircrafts. Cargo traffic of the Roissyairport can reach up to 22 million metric tonnes annually. This airport is the main hub for Air France airlines. Delay in arrival and departure of flights of Air France Airlines at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport should not necessarily be tolerated by the passengers and they have a full right to claim compensation for the inconvenience caused to them.

Claiming Compensation from Air France is Passengers Right!

Delay of Air France flights from Paris or from any other destination from France entitles the passenger to claim compensation according to flight delay regulation. Passenger can claim compensation for delayed flight, cancelled flight, delay of the aircraft, compensation for overbooking of the flight or any other circumstances. Passengers have the right to file the case against the airlines in case of delay of current flights of Air France or delay of internal flights in France. They can not only make financial claims but can also demand refreshments and accommodation if required.

Claim with Claim Flights!

Claim Flights helps you to get your compensation in less time. Air France flight tracker helps you to check Air France flight status at the airport. Based on the Air France flight schedule and information obtained on the tracker, a passenger can claim compensation. The only thing passengers have to do is to fill in the compensation calculator on the website of Claim Flights.

Claim Yourself Delayed Flight Compensation

If your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours or if your flight has been cancelled without prior notice of 2 weeks or if you were denied boarding due to overbooking of flight tickets, you can use our free delayed flight claim letter template to write the letter to airline to claim compensation for your delayed / cancelled / overbooked flight in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004. EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles European Union air passengers to claim up to 600 € compensation for flight delay of 3 hours or more, flight cancellations or for denied boarding.

Calculate The Amount Airline Owes You

Passengers are often unaware of the law and end up claiming a very futile amount compared to what they are entitled to claim. At Claim Flights the exact compensation can be calculated with the help of the compensation calculator. Claim Flights takes up your case on a no win no fee basis and makes sure that you get right amount in time.

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Fee from $30 to $585 + hearing fee of $30 to $430
Risk of losing money if lose case
Some hours of your time is spent
Result unknown

Claim Flights

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No cost risk, only pay if we win
Just 2 minutes of your time spent
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Outcome unclear, most airlines ignore customer claims
Takes hours of your time
Low cost risk
Case might end up in court anyhow