Lufthansa Airlines Flight Delay Compensation

If your Lufthansa Airlines flight was delayed or canceled, you may have the right to compensation under European Regulation EC 261.

The amount of compensation is up to 600€ ($700).

Lufthansa flight delay / cancellation compensation

If your Lufthansa flight delays for more than 3 hours on arrival or was canceled without any notice or you were denied to board your flight due to overbooking then you have the right to claim financial compensation from Lufthansa Airlines due to the inconvenience caused by them.

As per the EU 261/2004 Regulation, you have the right to claim compensation up to €600 (or $700) in case of canceled or delayed flights from the airline. In fact, you can claim compensation for cancellations or delays even if that happened few years back.

However, the number of years depends on region from where you booked the ticket, but on average you can claim compensation back up to 3 years. In order to check how much you can actually claim, you can use our free flight compensation calculator, you only need to enter your flight number, date of travel and reason behind delays or cancellations.

To get reimbursement from Lufthansa airline you can contact us Claim Flights. We are a German based compensation claiming company and follows European Union Air Passenger Rights Regulation 261/2004.

Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines is sometimes called as Lufthansa German Airlines which is one of the biggest airline in Europe. Lufthansa Airlines procured its name and logo from its forerunners which got exchanged in 1951. The subsidiaries of Lufthansa include Austrian Airlines, Swiss International Airlines (which comprises of – Edelweiss Air: for leisure routes and Swiss Global Airlines: concentrating on regional routes), EuroWings (now operating for Germanwings), Lufthansa Cargo and Lufthansa Regional Carriers which comprises of Air Dolomiti and Lufthansa CityLine.

The corporate headquarter of Lufthansa Airline is situated at Cologne Airport while its principle operation base, also known as Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) situated at Lufthansa’s primary traffic hub at Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport is the secondary hub of Lufthansa Airline. The IATA code of Lufthansa Airlines is LH and ICAO code is DLH. The Star Alliance was formed in 1997 by Lufthansa Airlines, Thai Airways International, Air Canada, Scandinavian Airlines and United Airlines.

In 1970, Lufthansa started sharing their profit with employees. They were given two options to choose from, i.e. preference shares and cash. After the privatization of the company, employees started receiving 3% share.

Lufthansa’s Ventures

Until 1995, Lufthansa Airlines were owned by the state government. However, later on it was privatized. MGL Gesellschaft fur Luftverkehrswerte, Deutsche Postbank, and Deutsche Bank along with other private investors are now the owners of Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

Following are some ventures that has some shares owned by Lufthansa:

Aerologic, a joint venture owned by Lufthansa and DHL Parent company of the Brussels Airlines, SN Air holding in which Lufthansa has 45% shares. Sun Express, joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa.

Code Share Partners

Lufthansa airline partners with many airlines through code-share agreements. The list includes Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Air Astana, Air Canada, Air China, Air Dolomiti, Air India, Air Malta, Air New Zealand, All Nippon Airways, Austrian Airlines, Avianca, Avianca El Salvador, Azerbaijan Airlines, BMI Regional, Brussels Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Copa Airlines, Croatia Airlines, EgyptAir, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad Airways, Eurowings, Germanwings, Iran Air, LATAM Brazil, LOT Polish Airlines, Luxair, Scandinavian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways, Swiss International Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines, TAP Portugal, Thai Airways and United Airlines.

Lufthansa Airlines fleets

Lufthansa Airlines operates more than 260 fleets (also include its subsidiary airlines) to carry their passengers to worldwide destinations. The number of fleets operating under the Lufthansa Airlines are 30 Airbus A319-100, 64 Airbus A320-200, 4 Airbus A320neo, 20 Airbus A321-100, 43 Airbus A321-200, 19 Airbus A330-300, 16 Airbus A340-300, 18 Airbus A340-600, 3 Airbus A350-900, 14 Airbus A380-800, 13 Boeing 747-400, 19 Boeing 747-8.

Lufthansa flight destinations

Lufthansa along with its subsidiaries (Lufthansa CityLine & Lufthansa Regional) has flights to 18 domestic and over 190 International destinations in more than 75 countries across Asia, Africa, Europe and America with the fleet size of more than 260 aircrafts.

Sr. No. Country City
1 United States Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Jose, CA, Seattle, Tampa, Washington D.C
2 Germany Freiburg, Friedrichshafen, Stuttgart, Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Frankfurt,
Hanover, Rostock, Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf, Münster, Paderborn, Dresden, Leipzig/Halle
3 Italy Ancona, Bari, Bologna, Catania, Florence, Genoa, Lamezia Terme, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Pisa, Rome, Trieste, Turin, Venice, Verona
4 United Kingdom Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne
5 Spain Alicante, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia
6 Poland Gdansk, Katowice, Kraków, Lublin, Poznan, Rzeszów, Warsaw, Wroclaw
7 France Mulhouse, Lyon, Marseilles, Montpellier, Nice, Paris, Toulouse
8 Romania Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu, Timisoara
9 India Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune
10 China Beijing, Nanjing, Qingdao, Shanghai
11 Turkey Ankara, Antalya, Istanbul, Izmir
12 Netherlands Amsterdam, Rotterdam/The Hague
13 Canada Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
14 Denmark Aalborg, Billund, Copenhagen
15 Nigeria Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt
16 Brazil Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo
17 Russia Moscow, Saint Petersburg
18 Austria Graz, Innsbruck, Vienna
19 Norway Bergen, Oslo, Stavanger
20 South Africa Cape Town, Johannesburg
21 Saudi Arabia Dammam, Jeddah, Riyadh
22 Morocco Casablanca, Marrakech
23 Sweden Gothenburg, Stockholm
24 Switzerland Basel, Geneva, Zurich
25 Japan Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo
26 Ukraine Kiev, Lviv, Odessa
27 Finland Helsinki, Kittilä
28 Greece Athens, Heraklion
29 Luxembourg Luxembourg City
30 Kazakhstan Almaty, Astana
31 Ireland Dublin, Knock
32 Portugal Lisbon, Porto
33 Panama Panama City
34 Australia Melbourne
35 Hong Kong Hong Kong
36 Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo
37 Hungary Budapest
38 Israel Tel Aviv
39 Republic of Moldova Chisinau
40 Serbia Belgrade
41 Algeria Algiers
42 Cyprus Larnaca
43 Georgia Tbilisi
44 Lithuania Vilnius
45 Thailand Bangkok
46 Angola Luanda
47 Bahrain Manama
48 Colombia Bogota
49 Croatia Zagreb
50 Czech Republic Prague
51 Iran Tehran
52 Bulgaria Sofia
53 Jordan Amman
54 Tunisia Tunis
55 United Arab Emirates Dubai
56 Latvia Riga
57 Malta Luqa
58 Qatar Doha

Lufthansa Flight Delays, Cancellations and Denied Boarding Problems

Despite being one of the biggest networks, every now and then there are strikes held by the pilots and other employees. These strikes results in flight cancellations which causes major loss in their business. There are also some problems with other airlines which results in bad headlines for the company.

Lufthansa airline passengers can claim compensation up to 600€ ($700) for flight delays of more than 3 hours, flight cancelation without prior notification or passengers were denied to board the flight due to overbooked flight tickets or missed the connecting flight due to first flight delays or cancelled. In case if your baggage or luggage has been lost or delayed at the airport then also you can claim for delayed or lost baggage compensation from the airline.

EC Regulation 261/2004

EC Regulation 261/2004 is a European Union Air Passengers Rights Regulation applies to air passengers departing from any EU airport, or from a non-EU airport with an EU airline to an EU destination. Passengers must note that flight delay compensation is subject to certain conditions and exceptions. There will be no compensation for a delay / cancellation caused by an extraordinary circumstance, under which such delay / cancellation becomes uncontrollable. An example of such situations includes bad weather or security concerns such as fear of a terror attack. In such situations, passengers will not be given any compensation.

Nevertheless, if there is a delay of more than 4 hours for a flight of 3500 km or more; delay of 3 hours or more in intra-community flight of 1500 km or more; and delay of 3 hours in case of flight under 1500 km, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation under EU norms as set by the Regulation. This entitlement is when the delay is not caused by extraordinary circumstances.

Flugverspätung Entfernung
Note: If you are travelling to a Non-European country from a Non-European country by a European Flight, EU 261 Rule won’t apply to you. It is only applied in the case of EU based flights travelling within Europe or to or from an EU Member State.

Am I eligible to claim compensation?

EC Regulation 261/2004 is a European Union Regulation, it applies to EU and Non-EU airspace. You do not have to be an EU citizen to claim flight compensation.

This means that you can claim on flights departing from any airport located in the EU (with any airline) or arriving in the EU (with an EU airline).

Thus you are eligible to claim compensation for flights departed or which were scheduled to depart from an EU airport.

Origin and Destination EU Airline Non-EU Airline
From Inside EU to Outside EU Yes Yes
From Inside EU to Inside EU Yes Yes
From Outside EU to Inside EU Yes No
From Outside EU to Outside EU No No

How we can help you to claim your money back?

If your booked flight has been delayed or cancelled while you are travelling within Europe, flying with Lufthansa Airlines and you want to claim compensation for the problem the airline has caused to you, all you have to do is provide us with your Lufthansa flight details (flight number & flight date) and our claim experts will work with various other teams to collect data so that everything goes smoothly. Our Claim Expert team has access to flight information such as the time by which the flight was delayed, the reason behind it, flights departure and arrival time, etc. making us more likely to win the compensation. If you have any complaints regarding to Lufthansa airline flight delays or cancellation you can contact Claim Flights at any time.

Claim Yourself Delayed Flight Compensation

If your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours or if your flight has been cancelled without prior notice of 2 weeks or if you were denied boarding due to overbooking of flight tickets, you can use our free claim letter template. to write the letter to airline to claim compensation for your delayed / cancelled / overbooked flight in accordance with EU Regulation 261/2004. EC Regulation 261/2004 entitles European Union air passengers to claim up to 600 € compensation for flight delay of 3 hours or more, flight cancellations or for denied boarding.

Calculate The Amount Airline Owes You

Passengers are often unaware of the law and end up claiming a very futile amount compared to what they are entitled to claim. At Claim Flights the exact compensation can be calculated with the help of the compensation calculator. Flight Delay Compensation Calculator can help you to calculate the amount to claim from Austrian airlines for your delayed / cancelled flight. You can check for free the amount Austrian airlines owe for you with our flight delay compensation calculator.

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